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Dear Commentors,

We want this blog to evolve in the direction encouraged by its users! Please add your general suggestions  in the comment box below. What do you like most about Teatown Thoughts? How could I improve the site?  What would you like to learn more about in regards to “nature and sustainable living in the Hudson Hills and Highlands”?  How could we make our online community more effective at improving our bioregion?

Thank you,




  1. Dear Fred:
    This new blog looks great! Congratulations! Is there a place where folks can upload their photos of nature in the HHH region? Seeing is believing–as you know. In addition to individual photos, folks may want to put several in an album or slide show. Tools like Flickr or Facebook make that easy.

    For example, I posted the slide show on the Croton River Gorge watershed protection to SlideShare for anyone to access:

    But we could park it (or the Slideshare link) here too.

    Answer from Fred: Thanks Leo! I will investigate the best method and incorporate this feature.

  2. Nice blog! I often post events at Teatown on my own blog, Northern Westchester Home, which covers real estate and living in the area. Teatown is a wonderful resource and everyone should be aware of it. Thanks!

  3. did not see a spot for asking questions. I read your response in the Tann letter, and mentioned ‘invasive earthworms’. I was always led to believe the critters were cute and useful, especially for compost…is this not so? and where would i find out/inquire

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