hhhphotowordFAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to blogging – this section is to help you get started with Teatown Thoughts.  If you can not find the answer to your question below, please  leave a comment with your question.   

 1.  What is a blog?  A “blog” (“web log”) is any regularly updated news, information and opinion internet-based website.  Most blogs have a rather sharp topic focus. The entries are called “posts” and are written by an “author(s).”  Fred Koontz is the author of Teatown Thoughts, with occasional guest authors.  A key feature of blogs is that readers (“commentors”) can leave comments to the posts; strings of comments form a discussion thread on a post topic. Frequently returning readers form an online community for the blog’s topic.

2.   How do I leave a comment and join the Teatown Thoughts Community?  At the bottom of the posts there is a link (or open comment box) for you to make comments and add to the group’s dialogue. The “Name” and “Email” box must be filled in to leave a comment, however, you don’t need to add a last name (or you can use a nickname) — and the email is only for verification and site security; your email will not be displayed or used in any other way.  Once you enter a comment it will NOT show up to any other readers until Fred Koontz reads and approves it; this prevents inappropriate comments from being displayed.  Be sure to note that we have a “Suggestion Box” for general comments, suggestions, or questions.

3.  What does it mean to “subscribe”?  You will note that in the right-hand sidebar there is a link to “Subscribe to Teatown Thoughts by Email.”  If you click on this link a form will open and ask for your email.  If you choose this option, it creates an “RSS Feed” to your email.  This is a powerful feature of the blog.  An RSS Feed means that every day that a post(s) is made to Teatown Thoughts you will receive an email (just one) with the post(s) content and links back to the blog.  We expect about 1-3 posts (and hence 1-3 RSS Feed emails) per week.   This technology will keep you informed about Teatown and nature and sustainable living in the Hudson Hills and Highlands. 

 4.  What are “categories”?  Each post is assigned one or more topic categories.  On the right-hand sidebar you can click on a category (topic) and see all the posts for that subject.  You also will see at the top of the right-hand sidebar a “Monthly Archives,” a quick way to find posts from previous months (the blog started in January 2009).

 Thanks for your interest in Teatown and the Hudson Hills and Highlands,



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