Posted by: teatown | January 25, 2009

Teatown Selected Priority Area

New York Open Space Plan Revised

osp08coverThe DRAFT 2009 New York State Open Space Conservation Plan is now available (click here) for public comment. The 186 page plan proposes how open space conservation can help New York State respond to:  “climate change, foster green, healthy communities, connect people to nature and recreation, and safeguard and enhance New York’s unique natural and cultural heritage.” 

Lead agencies for the plan are the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP).  The hands of forward-thinking Commissioner Grannis (DEC) and Commissioner Ash (OPRHP) are evident – as the plan is much advanced from the last (1992) edition in applying new landscape-level, modern conservation practices.

New Plan Identifies Conservation Priorities. The document sets priorities for New York’s nine regional DEC divisions.  In Region 3,  the Lower Hudson Valley, Teatown Lake Reservation is included in a Highlands Priority Area known as the “Croton-to-Highlands Biodiversity Area (CHBA).” The CHBA was designated in a report by the Wildlife Conservation Society (Metropolitan Conservation Alliance) in 2004 and Teatown is described as a “biodiversity hub.”  This new listing for Teatown reflects on its conservation importance to our region and New York State.

I urge you to read the plan and discover for yourself how open space conservation can be used to respond to key environmental challenges that we face in New York State – and as a reminder of the need to continue our strong protection of Teatown and nearby lands.




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