Posted by: teatown | January 4, 2009

January Nature

Let’s See What We Can Spot Together!

Did you know that there are about 785,000 people that live in the Hudson Hills and Highlands? That gives us collectively well over a million eyes to observe our local flora and fauna! Please record any interesting observations you see this month in the comments box below.  Be sure to tell us the location, date, and time of your observations.

For example, Steve Sachs — who is an extraordinary nature photographer and  will be giving a  photo workshop at the EagleFest on February 7 — reported on that on January 3: 

“While driving to work this morning in Harriman (NY), I had an adult golden eagle soaring above Route 6 right at the pull off for the scenic overlook above Central Valley. I was able to pull off and take a few photos as the bird was almost hovering over the ridge. It then glided back up the hill, then chased down the hill by the resident pair of screaming red tail hawks. I could not find it again as I continued down the hill. Last year, I had seen an eagle several times in the same area but could never stop to look at it closely, but I believe it may have been a golden also. If you travel this road regularly keep an eye out. I will have pictures at, under ‘new winter 2008-9’.” Steve Sachs

Let’s see what we are observing together.  While Steve’s golden eagle sighting is great, feel free to log in other more modest  sightings. Sometimes the common plants and animals when seen in a special moment bring the most inspiration and joy!


Happy nature watching,





  1. Jan 8, 10:30 AM: I saw five Bald Eagles at the Rt. 9 Annsville Traffic Circle in Cortlandt. One mature eagle was circling overhead and four were sitting on the ice in the middle of Peekskill Creek!

  2. Today while at the Croton River Boat Ramp with a 1st grade class; we saw a total of 6 Bald Eagles! 2 were mature adults. We watched as one immature eagle chased a gull in flight for quite a show! We also saw an adult Red-tailed Hawk perch in a tree. Its was a cold yet sunny and active morning for the birds.

  3. Charlie Roberto reports that the Christmas Bird Count results for Putnam County are in. Charlie says, “the count total was 82 species, which was better then average. We had two new first time species (House Wren and Savannah Sparrow). Forty-eight people were out in the field on count day, January 3, a great number of volunteer observers! We had high counts in Green-wing Teal, Turkey, Bald Eagles, Sharp Shin Hawks, Coopers Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, and Barred Owl. The Common Raven has steadily increased the past 3 years.”

  4. I was delighted today to observe for about five minutes a red fox (2:00 PM) foraging about in my backyard in Garrison, NY.

  5. Eagle sightings from Croton to Peeskill continue to be abundant. On Sunday 1/25 at George’s Island there were more than 20 eagles roosting in the trees to the north.

    On Tuesday 1/27 before today’s storm the eagles seemed particularly active. Twelve juvenile and adult eagles were spotted roosting in trees along the southern edge of Croton Point, a few were on the ice, and 5 – 7 immatures and adults were moving into and out of the trees below St. Augustine’s.

    The students from Park School who were viewing eagles with Teatown educators also saw a peregrine falcon. And some students were lucky enough to glimpse a coyote walking out on the ice towards some swans in the water. No feathers flew and the coyote returned safely to land!

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